About Us

Avalanche Media Works - Social, Search + Rescue

AVALANCHE MEDIA WORKS is a virtual digital marketing agency with an emphasis on social media, search relevancy, and corporate branding services. We have developed a proven marketing blueprint [code-named Chairlift] on how your business will be found, remembered, and recognized. Our strategic partnerships allow us to customize & assemble the best team for your campaign.

Your digital footprint

Before we begin working with a new client, we conduct an in-depth audit report of the company’s digital footprint online. This clearly identifies their strengths and weaknesses, which allows us to formulate a strategic plan.

Our goal is to provide a marketing plan that allows their business to break away from the competition and ideally create a new market space.

We have developed a “scale team” management work environment using the industry’s most rebost software tools to help keep our team of strategists, community managers, art directors, developers, and analysts sync’d and up to date.

Your Social Beacon