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Avalanche Media Works is a proud partner with the Warren Miller Freedom Foundation, and active “Mentor”for their Entrepreneur Program. Michael Fraser, President of Avalanche Media Works has been an entrepreneur since 2000. “There is nothing more rewarding than owning your own business, and watching your idea and vision become a reality.”

The Entrepreneur Program curriculum for adults follows the same pattern and format as the Young Entrepreneur Program. It is written to cover a 10 week period wherein students start a business and learn about business plans, marketing, networking, goal setting, finances, cash flow, supply and demand, contracts, employee relations and customer service. In addition, the adult program’s curriculum also focuses on more advanced topics such as how to obtain permits and licenses, research and business analysis, personal budget and net worth record keeping and future business expansion. All of the above is presented by the mentors in a more detailed mannor and advanced pace for adults.

Each session covers:

  • Goals for the week
  • Business topics for discussion
  • Journal topics for reflection
  • Business vocabulary
  • Activities based on the Student Guide
  • A weekly challenge.

The Build-A-Business Workshop is based on the principals that a student learns while experiencing the excitement of running a business under the supervision and encouragement of a mentor. This program is for the novice entrepreneur who wants to learn the basics and try a business at home or in his or her own neighborhood. Participants in the program are any adult with a desire to take on a new and potentially profitable challenge. Their business could be done while working at another job or it could become the new source of regular income for those willing to learn.

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Avalanche Media Works conducts these workshops in a real or virtual classroom.


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