Social, Search & Rescue

Consumer attention has shifted away from traditional search engines and engages more on social media channels. Our goal is to increase our client’s share of voice (SOV) on those channels by amplifying client content, assisting in relevant conversations, and curating relevant news stories that provide value.

We worked hands-on as a partner with Prevailing Path developing a hybrid press release mixing social media, traditional syndication, and content aggregation called Storypath™.

We offer customized Storypath™, media monthly packages based on your goals & budget. Our baseline pricing starts at 1,000.00 monthly. Please contact us for more information. All of our core services are listed below:


We believe every business should have a sustainable in-house team dedicated to social media. As a media partner we help train, amplify, and create any necessary content for your business.

  • Hands-on Sustainable Social Workshop
    • Social Media Protocols
    • Social Media Team Development
    • Photofy Platform Training & Support
    • Employee Created Content
    • Hashtag Strategy
    • Community Growth
  • Social Media Planning
  • Social Community Building
  • Influencer Outreach
  • AMW Branded Community Engagement/Amplification
  • Social Brand Warmth Reporting

Local Search

Search engines are evolving everyday and their algorithms basically read your site like a human. To get things kicked off we conduct a AMW “Pulse” to establish a baseline on your search visibility.

  • Website Pulse
  • Local Search Citation Building
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site Backlinking
  • Directory Listings
  • Maps
  • Search Reporting

Brand Rescue

Graphic Design is a core principle when it comes brand perception, sentiment, and reputation. Your corporate identity should be able to tell your story visually without you being there.

  • Logo & Identity
  • Collateral Marketing Materials
  • Full Service Website Design & Development
  • Full Stack App Development
  • Print Design for all Mediums
  • Video Production
  • Website Development & Hosting
  • G Suite Implementation & Training
  • Email Marketing

Please contact us for more information & portfolio of our work.

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