WordCamp North Canton Presentations

WordCamp North Canton 2014

WordPress Security – Demystified
This presentation will cover current WordPress security issues and different types of attacks. Learn how to protect your website or blog from hackers that are constantly trying to compromise networks. I’ll be sharing our favorite security plugins along with real world security stories that involved some of the biggest hosting and security companies which led to a meeting with the FBI.
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WordCamp North Canton 2013

Let’s Get Social
We will be covering how social media is becoming integrated into search engines, along with engagement strategies using Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest. Lastly we will discuss Return on Investment vs. Return on Relationship.
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Social Search & Rescue Workshop

Thursday March 20th, 2014 – 7p-8:30p

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. (Conference Room)
387 Medina Road, Suite 500
Medina, Ohio 44256

SSR Workshop #2 Agenda

  • Workshop Overview
  • Avalanche Media Works Keynote Covering Facebook for Business
  • Hands-On Workshop
  • Work with Attendee’s Profiles
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Close – Q & A

Cost: Free

Complimentary WI-FI… Please bring your laptop or tablet!

Only 10 Spots, Limited Seating Sign-up below!!

Event is Full


The Evolution of Commerce – Google Commerce Search 3.0

New! Google Commerce Search 3.0 is a powerful search solution designed specifically with online and multi-channel retailers in mind.
Improve your shopping experience with fast, intuitive Google search technology.

  • Engage visitors and help them find the right products
  • Power browse and navigation modes on your website
  • Easily implement merchandising strategies
  • Set product boosts and promotions with no custom coding
  • Display local inventory availability with your results
  • Deploy search solution in days, and scale effortlessly
  • Customize, track, and optimize performance


tinypay.me – easiest way to sell stuff online.

I didn’t know tinypay.me existed until today. After reading about it on mashable, I checked it out, and was won over by the viral power this new platform possesses. My wife and I run a second business selling a custom dog toy line called MuttPuppet. So I put their challenge of “Start selling in 60 seconds” to the test. Let me tell you, I would have probably hit the 60 second mark if I had all my photos, verbiage ready and waiting. With that said, I threw one product up in under 15 minutes, and it immediately shared it to my twitter, facebook, and linkedin accounts. WOW! So after about 15 minutes, I have this!

We did discover one issue with their store embed option… There is no way at this point to control the width, so it obviously won’t fit in majority of the blogs out there. The Tinypay logo says free, true … only if you don’t sell anything, otherwise they take 5%, but will match your charity donation, if applicable.

Any questions?


A Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing WordPress Websites

By default, WordPress websites are a lot like young athletes—skillful and full of promise, yet highly unrefined.

In order to help your site reach its potential, you must provide coaching and assistance in certain key areas:


  • To rank well in search engines, you’ll need a great theme with streamlined, standards-based HTML output.
  • To ensure page speed and provide a stellar user experience, you should call scripts from the most optimal locations.
  • To increase conversions and improve engagement, you should focus on minimalist page design.
  • To save bandwidth and improve loading times, you may wish to institute compression and, in some cases, a caching solution.
  • For world-class speed, you can set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN), or you can opt for a more exotic dynamic DNS solution.

To a beginner, these points probably seem like a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, and that’s why I’ve created this simple guide to optimizing WordPress websites.

Regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to use this handy guide to make effective changes to your site that will improve speed, search engine rankings, user experience, and potentially even sales and conversions!

As you read through the guide, please keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything in order to get positive results. Furthermore, some of the included tips, such as the ones on gzip compression and expires headers, can be implemented in under 5 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Use this guide to optimize your WordPress website and unleash its hidden potential!

Finally, if you go through the guide and still find yourself with the need for speed, be sure to check out our excellent guide to website performance and speed.