The Evolution of Commerce – Google Commerce Search 3.0

New! Google Commerce Search 3.0 is a powerful search solution designed specifically with online and multi-channel retailers in mind.
Improve your shopping experience with fast, intuitive Google search technology.

  • Engage visitors and help them find the right products
  • Power browse and navigation modes on your website
  • Easily implement merchandising strategies
  • Set product boosts and promotions with no custom coding
  • Display local inventory availability with your results
  • Deploy search solution in days, and scale effortlessly
  • Customize, track, and optimize performance


Google’s Stealth Approach on Social Media ~ Docs!

A few days ago, the Internet was abuzz with speculation that Google would have a splashy launch of a Facebook rival called “Google Circles” at South by Southwest. That didn’t materialize, with Google disputing that such a feature even existed. Michael Arrington at TechCrunch wrote a post called “Social Is Too Important For Google To Screw Up With A Big Launch Circus,” arguing that with Orkut and Buzz having more or less failed, Google wasn’t eager to swing hard and miss a third time. Rather, he wrote, “I’m guessing we’ll see more small releases over time.”