tinypay.me – easiest way to sell stuff online.

I didn’t know tinypay.me existed until today. After reading about it on mashable, I checked it out, and was won over by the viral power this new platform possesses. My wife and I run a second business selling a custom dog toy line called MuttPuppet. So I put their challenge of “Start selling in 60 seconds” to the test. Let me tell you, I would have probably hit the 60 second mark if I had all my photos, verbiage ready and waiting. With that said, I threw one product up in under 15 minutes, and it immediately shared it to my twitter, facebook, and linkedin accounts. WOW! So after about 15 minutes, I have this!

We did discover one issue with their store embed option… There is no way at this point to control the width, so it obviously won’t fit in majority of the blogs out there. The Tinypay logo says free, true … only if you don’t sell anything, otherwise they take 5%, but will match your charity donation, if applicable.

Any questions?